Piotr Kołaczkowski


Fclones – A super fast duplicate file finder

fclones is a command-line duplicate file finder and remover I’ve written in Rust.

I started this project as an exercise in Rust programming, but it quickly turned into a feature-rich program that competes with well known programs like fdupes.

Selected features:

fclones works best on Linux but runs also on macOS and Windows.

Latte – A Cassandra benchmarking tool

Latte runs custom CQL workloads against a Cassandra cluster and measures throughput and response times.

I created this tool because I was not happy with the performance of other benchmarking tools written in Java, which were often more CPU and memory hungry than a Cassandra server instance.

Latte was written in Rust and is so lightweight that I can run it on the same computer as Cassandra instance and it doesn’t cause visible overhead. Latte also scales very well on big multi-core, multi-socket machines and can run over a million requests per second from a single machine.

Selected features: